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Hi, I am Ozan 👋🏻

Digital Marketing Guy and Creator of Something 👨🏻‍💻

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About Me 👀

Since 2010, I have been working on digital media. Since 2013, I have focused on developing myself with various brands such as Scorp, Brandface, Zoom, Pubinno, Teashop and Nerde.co. I managed various social media channels as a freelancer and established an agency partnership with NoktaKreatif in the fall of 2018. In the last bend of 2019, we merged with Agency UMB and I served under the label "Digital Marketing Specialist".

In 2020, I founded my company and took part in various projects in South Korea, America, Germany and Turkey. In 2022, I established a co-working space called "Tabby House" and we continue to serve actively. I try to continue the radio broadcasts I made intensively during my university years with podcasts via Spotify. I have 2 independent books called "50" (2015) and "Bende Kalan" (2016) and 1 published book called "Gece Yarısı Hikayeleri".

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